Building Trust in Communities: Akarambiri Chemical Spill

It is so easy to undermine trust and understanding. An incident occurred at SPDC’s new gas well site at Akaranbiri community April/May 2014. Chemical waste was poured out of the site into a nearby waterway.  SPDC failed to address the incident until months later when the community invited SACA to intervene.

SPDC Values and Business Principles in their Integrated Oil and Gas Gathering Project in Bayelsa State


Consultation is about respectful dialogue with people, especially those people whose lives are impacted positively or negatively by SPDC operations/activities. SACA was informed by SPDC managers that they do not dialogue/negotiate with landowners, chiefs, families, individuals.

GMOU Review: Essex Business and Human Rights Project Document

The SACA review of Shell’s GMoU document noted the significance of ‘ Corporate Liability in a new Setting: Shell and the changing Legal Landscape for the Multinational Oil Industry in the Niger Delta’ as contained in the Essex Business and Human Rights report.