SACA Holds an Orientation Workshop for Volunteers

Workshop for Volunteers

SACA organized an orientation workshop for its volunteers in the 9 host communities in Okordia-Zarama Cluster on December 12, 2018. The workshop which took place in Agbobiri community town hall, was to prepare the volunteers for the services expected from them in the implementation of SACA’s 3-year project which would last from 2018 to 2021. Communities that participated in the workshop include Ikarama, Freetown, Kalaba, Ayamabele, Ajumoni, Agbobiri, Epie-Zarama, Nyambiri and New Jerusalem. The volunteers were carefully selected based on recommendations of their respective community leaders, especially their paramount rulers.

The workshop was facilitated by SACA’s IT/Project Manager, Chidi Usanga. Mr. Usanga introduced the participants to the work of SACA, narrating the history of SACA and some of the major achievements of its staff since 2001. He also listed and explained to them SACA’s vision, mission, core values, policies and principles. He detailed all the qualities expected of the volunteers, stressing that SACA used missionary approach in its activities, in addition to its core programmatic strategy of Shareholders Leverage, and urging them to adopt the same missionary approach. He described the qualities of missionaries including consideration for the poor and the oppressed, frugality and value for money. According to him, missionaries are not necessarily only pastors, priests or Church people. “By volunteering with SACA, you are agreeing to work like a missionary in your various communities, preaching peace, tolerance, unity and cooperation, and, as a person of integrity, be a light in your community,” Mr. Usanga said. He also emphasized their potential roles as people who might carry on SACA’s work in the future for sustainability. Many other issues were discussed with the participants including their benefits and obligations as volunteers, the scope and limits of their services, risks and safety precautions as well as indemnity.

The workshop was very interactive with a lot of questions and answers bothering on various issues affecting the different communities and the volunteers first lines of action regarding them. The participants expressed delight for their nomination for the service and promised to be good ambassadors of their communities through SACA.