Irish Gov't Funds Alternative Livelihoods in Bayelsa State

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The Irish Government responded to SACA’s request to come to the aid of youths in Bayelsa state. For the past three years SACA have engaged youths who are sabotaging oil pipelines. They feel abandoned by their Government and protest that they do not benefit from the oil revenues which come from their father’s land. SACA have encouraged the youths to use the land in a caring way and allow it to produce fruits of the earth and not pollute it with hydrocarbons. The Irish Government provided a grant of Euro 10,000 to fund fish farming for the youths and the women in the community. This pilot project is important for young men to learn the skills of fish farming which can provide sustainable livelihoods for them in future. Many of the youths and women are responding positively to the challenges of working hard and developing the farms. A most encouraging output from this project is that Agip oil company is interested in collaborating with SACA and the youths to make this project a success. SACA is grateful to the Irish Government for leading the way in this important initiative.