SACA Attend ECCR Conference in Oxford, UK, to Mark 20 Years of Engaging Shell

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Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

On 27th-28th Feb. 2015, the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) organised a conference in Oxford to mark 20 years of engaging Shell oil company.

SACA was represented at the conference by Fr. Kevin O’Hara, Chairman of the SACA Board of Trustees. The theme of the conference was “ The Cost of Life on Earth: Companies, climate change and your money”.  A strong case was made for divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in renewable energies and other technologies.  Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, KCMG, in his keynote address argued for a balanced approach of using both fossil fuels and alternative energies. SACA presented a short You Tube documentary called “ The Cost of Life in the Niger Delta: Shell and shareholders money”. Sir Mark described the documentary as distressing. It focused on the negative social and environmental impacts on an oil producing community in the Niger Delta. He thanked SACA for their work in trying to get oil companies to improve on their standards and practices.