Fr. Kevin O'Hara
Founder / Board Chairman

Fr. Kevin O'Hara is an Irish Missionary priest. He came to Nigeria in 1980 and worked with the Ebonyi State Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre. He established a Centre for Corporate Responsibility in Port Hacourt and later Stakeholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability in Bayelsa State. He studied Responsibility & Business Practice in Bath University in the UK. He received the United Nations Award for "Waging Peace through Development" in the year 2000. He is presently the District Leader for St. Patrick's Missionary Society in West Africa. 

Abba Ayemi
Executive Director
He is the administrator of the organisation and leads in program activities. Relates directly with the stakeholders including the oil companies, government agencies and community representatives.
Chidi Usanga
IT/Media Manager
Manages the organisation's IT and media related activities including the production of video documentaries, website and also assists in adminitrative tasks.
Irene Njoku
Admin. Officer
Manages the organisation's finances as well as secretarial and other administrative tasks.
Willem Schade
IT/Media Assistant
Assists the IT/Media Manager especially in field programs and the social media.